Financial Solutions for businesses affected by Covid-19 from NFFS


23rd September 2020

Coronavirus has reminded us all that sudden changes can and do impact our lives and that most likely, these will not be signposted in advance. The impact upon our businesses and our customers means we cannot all plan at a leisurely pace and wait for the impact.

We are all having to change our approach and interaction with customers and provide services that can support future events, planned or un-planned during these unprecedented times.

At National Friendly Financial Solutions we are experiencing more people willing to interact with our advice services over the phone and our considerable experience with a phone–based service over a number of years has enabled us to continue to provide valuable services to both our customers and our business partners’ customers.

Below we look at the challenges facing some key business sectors and how we support our partners working in these sectors.

1. Estate Agency & Property Services

Coming out of lockdown people are re-evaluating their home situation, considering their options and the short-term freeze on stamp duty has given the housing market a kick-start. Agents who adapt their communications, and show empathy to these situations, will thrive both in the short- and long-term.

We support partners in this sector with financial advice services and tailored mortgage advice services. Our mortgage search and advice service for both new and re-mortgages, along with buy-to-let, is without charge for customers with access to an extensive range of lenders.

2. Estate Planning & Legal Services

Estate planning allows people to get ahead of future events and ensure all the appropriate documentation that divides an estate is in line with expressed wishes. Having a well-thought out plan will not only protect in the event, such as a loss of mental capacity, but will also support family and causes close to your heart on death.

A number of roadblocks have been put in place as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; but events of this nature highlight the need for organising affairs for peace of mind.

A recent YouGov survey highlights that one in four people in Britain are unsure if they can afford to gift some of their wealth to family members while still alive. Helping the younger generations could come at the expense of a person’s retirement planning so there is a careful balance. Seeking advice can help to get the balance right.

We can provide partners’ clients with access to advice in regards to pension and retirement planning, investment planning, will writing, power of attorney and later life care funding options to support clients through key stages of financial planning as they are arranging their financial affairs.

3. Social care

The COVID experience has been a stir force for the healthcare community, most notably in the long term care sector giving stakeholders everywhere an adversary to rally against and a new-found sense of solidarity.

How people fund their long term care requirements is an area where we can provide financial advice and advise upon the best solution for the individual and family, our telephone based service gives access to a highly trained team which is important during these unprecedented times.

If this has got you thinking, that is a good thing. Could your customers benefit from an opportunity to consider wider services from a trusted third party? Business partner relationships can provide the additional benefits of customer loyalty and the potential of business revenue.

To discuss how we can help contact Rob Saunders or call us on 0117 980 9375 

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Financial Solutions for businesses affected by Covid-19 from NFFS


1. Estate Agency & Property Services Coming out of lockdown people are re-evaluating their home situation, considering their options and the short-term freeze on stamp duty has given…